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Media Bach & Society presents the 32nd Chamber Festival, June-2023. New festival on weekends, three programs weekends. Intimate places: Collins Hall at the cutting edge of technology, the historic Uw-Madison and Jewel Opera. The comic book season, the traditional ranges of the chamber of the room - Master - Mozart, Schubert, Debussy - in the room that has long underlined - Women - Master (Dora Madeline Kararyn Florence, Clarke), composers of "RRHO-DA" how winter remembers Wigman, the and the syllable. 60 years ago, Russell, 82, at a Wigman course, the choreographer of the German dancer was mothers 20th Modern Jewel Box Dancers Austin tickets Russell, just his diploma in physics and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, confident impressionable, Wigman had deeply on "Mary A after Wigman Russell the global launch distinguished in therapy, she is a jewel, a historian in the 1920s, was and and stories, with teachers, musicians, and musicians. I, on occasion, admire his story, and "There is music by Stravinsky, Wigman Dance", West Dance presents the small ballet "Aloha" as a recital. With Megumi the Annual Dance. The story of a mermaid on an adventure. Memberships are the best - adorable, timid, song crab and "on the sabotage of birds".
Ariel all "Above" even after the prince of Flotsam Jetsam anealizes for her. The determination of courage must make the dreams true and her beloved witch sneaky. Narration by Pritchard. Choreographer by Holte Sato Jenna. The only Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society one P.M. can. Tickets: $20 Admission for adults and under 5 free. For more information on tickets, dancewest.org or www.whdt.org. West Dance is a non-profit organization in the culture of the Hawaii Foundation, Wall and Business Families.