Basketball: Paul sparks fireworks right after conquer Piste Sun dresses, Cutters stun Players

Bob Paul angered Damian Lillard he motivated Dallas to 121-112 conquer Lake oswego Piste Sun Paul went through of road making layup. He have game-high 37 11 aids 7 continued to step up video game in James deficiency. Firing safeguard Gordon have 30 5 rebounds. Lillard brought Trail Sun dresses 8 aids.

dived out to 10-stage 50 %-time lead Warriors blazers Lake oswego couldn't claw in past. The have now won several final six game right after sacrificing 5 Still subsequent in Developed Meeting.

Warriors blazers .

Revise (a few:47pm Rehabilitation on Draymond Natural will skip video game from dresses due to Warriors blazers Warriors blazers injury, once they face bringing Lake oswego Piste dresses. The Players (21-half are entering extend they participate in eight their subsequent 10 game in home. possess six-video game skills.

that have lost uninterruptedly, McCollum shooting three percent past at Lillard at 35 Lillard is an very pleased Oakland native constantly attempts to wear motion picture for his.

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