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Although Libby was mostly a housewife, she worked as a seamstress for former Ing Baskin clothing store in Joliet, Church notes for Andrea said down-town. Libby also proved useful in the cafeteria Joliet Key, Andrea said. She recalled the old people, the more they reminded him. "She always had a stop if it is treasure and someone emerged to her and said:" Remember me? Ha "said Andrea Libby "was incredible with a thread" and crocheted blankets, jackets units newborn tissue meals and scarves, Tim said. Libby did needlework: embelleshment and frivolity, she included. "She did not watch TV without having to buy its small needles," Andrea said. Shortly after the death of Libby, Andrea discovers a plot of humor about40 towels dishcloths.us meal within them. "After we presented them as memories of her," Andrea said. Libby had two daughters: Eugene Charlene and David, partner Andrea. His grandbabies are DiVecchio Eileen Sara DiVecchio Danielle Jer Adolph and Natalie Adam Parrish and wonderful grandbabies Landon and Eliana Adolph and Tim, Gianna and Briella Parrish. "It was obviously a really serious Catholic woman and requested on a regular basis," Andrea said. "She always hoped by the way of the day. The appreciation of loved ones to enjoy the almighty. That's who she was. " In fact, Libby had credit cards prayer "in every space and cranny" of his home, Andrea said. .

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