Aleph, the First Hebrew Page, Is made up of Depths of Godly Implications

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Since his residency in Geneva, Mr. Coelho talked about his new ebook, his sense of connection with Jorge Luis Borges and his fantastic network with his fans on Twitter and Facebook. Just after are published extracts. Q. The protagonist of the new novel, "Aleph", was also present: best marketing writer, visitor of the planet, non-profane hunter. How e-book is autobiographical? 100%. They are my total suffering, it means that everything that is true is true. I had to summarize a good part of it. However, I'm starting to see the e-book as my trip, let alone a fictional e-book, but as a fictional e-book. Q. The name in the e-book, "Aleph", and decorative reflects the name of a short story by Borges. Have you been touched by him? A. He is my symbol, the ALEF gift box in gift-box best writer in the field of my technology. However, I was not touched by him, I was touched by the concept of Aleph, the concept. In the traditional custom of non-secular textbooks, Borges pretty much sums up the concept of this point in which everything becomes one thing. Q. When do you decide to become a writer? A. It took four Paulo Coelho Discusses decades to write my first ebook. After obviously being a child, I was invited to attend an institution. I was not asked to stay true to your writer's work because my parents thought I was going to die without eating. They imagined that no one can certainly make a living as a Brazilian writer. They were not radically wrong. However, I still had this phone, this desire speaking on paper. Q. Your most popular eBook, "The Alchemist", which has sold sixty-five million copies worldwide.

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